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ConTempo pxImpression INNOVATIONS
Michael Victor ▪ MVR  Artist 

ZoomBox NY Summer 2020

Playing Nightly   Aug 2020    Tue - Sat  6 pm - 12 am

Private Viewing by Appointment

MVR Fringe 2020 TIMELINE
3.6.20 Series #LSCP Large
XL works
Highlight: #LandmarkXL Landscape 21C Lady Liberty
Also #CityCurrents #NativeLSCP #TreeLSCP Series


3.15.20 #SheroesNY  6.1.20 #AllUSHeroes
The works developed for #SheroesNY and curated for #AllUSHeroes 2020, are in response to events occurring outside Fringe windows, unfolding daily in NYC from Covid-19 since March 2020.


With exhibited work a number of innovations developed. The  Fringe space in essence became his ‘laboratory’. The latest is ShowboxNY, whereby visitors can enjoy works on exhibit and video show safely practicing social distancing from the spacious streetscape along Warren St.

Innovation summary is in Table below.

About  Artist Michael Victor ▪ MVR

Landscape Architect & pxImpressionist Artist

MVR developed as a Pastel Artist during a long career as a Landscape Architect. (Links below are to marquee Manhattan projects he led nearby The Fringe Tribeca location.)  The  two creative disciplines that very naturally went hand-in-hand eventually merged. The result is the ‘▪XL Process’ that create his ▪XL Works on exhibit inside Fringe windows.

XL Process: By-Hand micro pxIm-pressions  are refined by #pxPaint,  magnified, and brought to light of day on ‘Zo-om’ Print media,  then hand-finished. More on this innovative process in his Artist Statement at aka

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