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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your space cost?

We work hard to provide you with great services and the most competitive rates in the city. Depending on the season, the rates are adjustable. Please contact us to receive a quote and availability.

I love your space but what can I do if your price is out of my budget?

Thank you for loving our space! We try our best to keep our price the most competitive but we do understand the soaring cost of renting retail/art spaces in New York can be a big challenge for emerging brands, galleries and artists. We provide special deals from time to time. Don't forget to subscribe our newsletters and follow our social media accounts to receive special price alerts! We also offer creative pop-up collaboration programs to connect like-mined brands and creatives so that the price can be shared. Please contact us for more information.

Can I host events at your location?

Of course! Our space is a perfect spot for events. We also have a little "hidden" theatre space in the back. If you're also interested in using it, please contact us for details.

Can you still help me if your space doesn't fit my needs?

Of course! On The Fringe is founded by real estate expert and we have many connections in the city to assist you in finding the perfect option that meet your pop up requirements.

I don't have much experience in doing pop-ups, can you help provide ideas and insights in marketing and branding for my pop-up?

We'd love to! Our team is consisted of experienced real estate professionals as well as marketing and pop-up experts. We've supported hundreds of brands and artists with their pop-up projects. With our expertise, we will support you to make your pop up dreams come true. Please contact us for details.

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