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Light. Love. Color.

January 14-24, 2019 

Opening Reception: January 15th, 7-10 pm



72 Warren Street, New York, NY

On The Fringe NYC was excited to feature artists, Chelsea Hrynick Browne, Hadrien Durand-Baïssas, and Jarid Blue. You are invited to this celebration of Light. Love. Color. opening reception on January 15th, 2019 from 7-10pm. The show runs from Monday Jan 14 to Thursday Jan 24 at 72 Warren Street.


Chelsea Hrynick Browne


Chelsea Hrynick Browne layers together intricately hand-cut origami paper to form larger abstract “paintings”. Her artwork contains contradicting elements such as fragility and strength, repetition and randomness, and fine details with vast scale to create balance and honor universal themes that connect all things.


Hadrien Durand-Baïssas


Hadrien Durand-Baïssas is a graphic designer, art director and a painter based in New York and Paris. He has presented his work on more than twenty exhibition in Paris and elsewhere in France in renowned places and museums. As an art director, he also worked for LVMH and other french big groups, mostly on websites and apps design and also on brands identities.


Jarid Blue


Jarid Blue was born in Miami, Florida and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He focuses primarily on using the nude body as his canvas. Whether it is in his paintings or a photograph, the use of the body has been the most unifying factor in his work. From his hospitality experience, Blue has been very interested in creating specific positive experiences for his models. He projects his own artwork and photographs and other artist’s artwork onto his models to create what appears to be a second skin.




On The Fringe NYC: | @onthefringenyc

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