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Verena Smit in TOGETHER(E)

November 1-10, 2018 

Opening Reception: November 1st, 6pm - 9pm

72 Warren Street, New York, NY

AnnexB, c__m___l and Dream Box Lab are proud to present the exhibition TOGETHER(E) by the Brazilian artist Verena Smit.



TOGETHER(E) brings the work of the artist Verena Smit to New York in a multi-faceted project, presented by c __m___l, Dream Box Lab and AnnexB, that seeks to introduce the artist in a physical realm and stimulate public discourse through three artistic initiatives: 1. art residency, 2. urban intervention and 3. exhibition.



Being an emerging artist at the forefront of her field in Brazil, Smit’s work has digitally reached audiences in a worldwide scale with the subtle yet impactful game she plays with words.



During the art residency period, when she will be producing an exclusive series of words for TOGETHER(E), an urban intervention will take place and NYC passers-by will be presented with Smit’s new body of works that will be integrated into the urban assets of the city. The words she created while in residency will be printed in posters that will also indicate a date and an address, serving as a hint to the opening of the art exhibition that will showcase Smit’s tridimensional works.



As the third and closing part of the trilogy, the exhibition aims at presenting Smit’s tridimensional works, transforming the gallery into a space in which to reimagine Smit’s more popular work- the words she modifies, through their insertion in a variety of structures that allows for different shapes and forms. Developed on site during her residency at AnnexB, the works are for the most part small in scale and minimalist in form, yet they portray the artist’s poetic gesture, which remains the core of her practice.


Curator: Juliana Leandra


TOGETHER(E) is co-created and produced by AnnexB, c__m___l and Dream Box Lab with the support of The Standard.



@verenasmit @_annexb @dreamboxlab @c__m___l

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