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Michiyo Fukushima: Passerby

November 14-29, 2018 

Opening Reception: November 14th, 7-10 pm


72 Warren Street, New York, NY

ON THE FRINGE NYC is proud to present the exhibition "Passerby" by Japanese watercolor artist Michiyo Fukushima at 72 Warren Street, New York, NY from November 14th to November 29th, 2018.



Passerby follows the artist's work spanning 15 years. As a native of Japan, she considers herself a passerby in NYC, capturing the enduring effigies, city scenes and the under-noticed visuals that might have a lasting impression on our hearts and minds. Being a transitional place for many, people come and go as passersby. They might not notice some of the details. As you explore her work, you will find that you were, are, and will be under the watchful eyes of the beloved city that embraces our life.



The exhibition will highlight five series of works: DUMBO, Storefront, Cityscape, Fire Escape, and Effigy. DUMBO is a small part of the big life that we tend to miss, walking by without noticing. Storefront series records some of the diminishing diversity in the the city storefront landscape. Cityscape series shows “us” passing by in everyday life. The Fire Escape series is the geometric lines and designs created by light hitting onto fire escapes that is so complex yet in order. Seemingly abstract yet is very calculated and fleeting as time goes by. The Effigy series captures the spirit of guardians watching over us, as our fast pace life continues generation to generation.



This exhibition invites the audience, to share “Where they WERE/ARE/WILL BE.” Visitors can interact with the installation in the gallery to mark their moment or memorable spot in NYC while browsing the New York City stories that are produced through social media outreach with the hashtag #passerbynyc.





The majority of the people in NYC are just “passerby”.


They are fleeting with their own story to tell.


At every corner, the city is witness to you passing by.


Look around, are you embraced?


What is your story? You are where?



Michiyo Fukushima



On The Fringe NYC: | @onthefringenyc

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